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  • Who we are?

    We are PHP and Symfony developers, and we care. Business perspective during developing software is very important for us. We believe, that by providing quality in IT projects we can help business to meet changing market requirements.

    That is why we are using agile techniques and working based on „specification by example” and „continuous delivery” approaches. We love Open Source. We owe a lot knowledge and tools to free software movement, that is why we are trying to give something back and we are supporting developers communities like phpers or symfonylab.pl. We are trying to be active in open source projects like Symfony, Doctrine and related projects, bundles. We like to share our knowledge so we organize open or dedicated tranings and consulting.

  • member LESZEK PRABUCKI also known as "l3l0"

    PHP developer with 7+ years of web programming experience and knowledge. Symfony expert and quality freak. Developer with agile and lean metodologies experience. Team worker. Focues on discovering how business works by using methodologies like BDD. Zend Certified Engineer in PHP5 and Symfony Advanced Certificate holder

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  • member SZYMON SKOWROŃSKI also known as "skowi"

    Sofware Developer with 5 years of experience. He proved that software design through TDD can be successful. Really interested in OOP, DDD and Design Patterns. Focus on modeling code using business and domain experts language.

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  • member DANIEL REMISZEWSKI aka "danio"

    Advanced PHP and Symfony software developer. Focused on good software engineering practices. Passionate about TDD and BDD

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  • member PATRYK PILUŚ aka "pepe"

    Our junior PHP developer. Object-oriented programming and the proper messaging in code is no longer problem for him


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