Cocoders Blog

22 Dec

Cocoders design flow - specification and modelling by example

We would like to share our experience regarding the way we design application and modelling domain. Let’s start from business of course. We try to understand what problems our customers have and how we can help. Understanding “why” is very important, so communication techniques like “impact mapping” can be very helpful. In this stage we always start to discover language of our customer… and that is extremely important as well. Read more

08 Oct

TDD as a software design tool

We would like to share our feelings and experiences about Test Driven Development. First of all we use TDD as a software design tool. How can it be? It is quite simple. We just need to change mindset from “testing” approach into “specification” one. We do not really test in TDD, we create micro specification for our code “unit”. Ok… but how to do that? We should remember about quite important stuff here - Object Oriented Programming is about messaging, so to create good OOP module we have to design communication in that module and open (or close) interface in this module to the world.  TDD can help with public interface definition. Read more

28 Sep

File archive

We are here since some time already but until now we didn’t write any post. We would like to change it so we want to write posts regularly. Today, we will try to describe architecture used in our open source project - FileArchive. Read more